Auto Injury Care

 Auto Injury Care is one of the many types of care Dr. Harcourt provides. Being in a car accident can be a very difficult situation, not only may you have auto damage, but it’s important to get yourself checked as well. The real damage of an auto accident may not be so obvious. It could take 6 months to feel the effects of auto injury whiplash. Even if you are not feeling the effects right after the accident it is important to get checked by a Doctor to make sure you do not loose your auto insurance coverage, you could have delayed symptoms from the accident.

At Coast Chiropractic Centers it is our goal to make our patients feel welcome and at home. Our professional staff will assist you in easing the process. Are you in pain and need help today? We offer same day appointments and will work with your attorney. No attorney, no problem! Coast Chiropractic Centers can help you find one if it deems necessary. We also accept all auto accident insurance plans and will file the necessary insurance paperwork on your behalf. We work with your insurance company and our office accepts a letter of protection (LOP).

What to Do After an Auto Accident?

For some people who have been involved in a car accident, symptoms begin immediately; for others it may not show for hours, days or even months after the accident. In either situation, it is vital to get evaluated as soon as possible and make sure to tell the treating physician about every symptom you are experiencing.

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Florida Law mandates that any person in an auto accident has 14 days to GET CHECKED OUT by a doctor or they forfeit ALL their Personal Injury Protection coverage! It's important that you call us today at 239-278-3344. if you have been in an auto accident, even if you currently do not feel the effects.

Do I need to hire an attorney before I get seen by the Doctor?

It is not required for you to have an attorney before you get seen. The main concern is to get checked out within 14 days and get you headed in the healing direction and feeling better. Once you are seen, if you do not have an attorney Coast Chiropractic can help you find and attorney if it deems necessary.

Our Goal is Helping You

At Coast Chiropractic Centers in Fort Myers, Florida, our number one priority is your health and function. Whether you have been in an auto accident or are in need of other chiropractic care Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt is here for you! Coast Chiropractic Centers examines those who have had an Auto Accident. If you have been in an accident whether you feel the ill-effect right away or not, it is a good idea to be seen by a Doctor. By seeing a doctor within fourteen days of your auto accident you will be able to take advantage of up to $10,000 in personal injury protection coverage that is required for Florida drivers to have.

We will work with your attorney and insurance company to make it as smooth as possible without the headaches. And if you don’t currently have an attorney don’t worry! We have a list of highly qualified attorneys ready to stand for you.

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Give us a call at 239-278-3344. to schedule before you lose out on better health and coverage.

Coast Chiropractic Centers, Inc. accepts auto injury cases regularly and are ready and able to handle your injury needs.

Other Questions...

  • Do I have to pay for treatment?
  • Will my Auto Insurance Rates go up if I seek treatment?
  • I do not have any pain or symptoms. Should I still be checked?
  • Other people were in my vehicle during the accident. Are they covered for care as well?

For any other Auto Injury questions please call us at 239-278-3344.

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Common Symptoms

It’s becoming more and more apparent over the years that “fender benders” are damaging more than just our cars. Ask any of the millions of Americans across the country that have had this common accident and you’ll find there’s a good chance they also have new health problems as a result.

Whiplash  can cause headaches, seizures, loss of consciousness, blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, mood changes, dysphasia, poor concentration, mental sluggishness, depression, anxiety and more.

Neck PainShoulder PainChest Pain, and Low Back Pain are also common symptoms following a car accident.

See more about symptoms you may experience after an auto accident

Physical Findings

Through the SONOMA Method, created by Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt, he will test your Range of Motion, Strength, Joint Function, and Pain levels. With auto injuries the following are typical findings:

  • Decrease in Range of Motion
  • Decrease in Strength
  • Decrease in Flexibility
  • Decrease in Coordination
  • Decrease in Balance
  • Joint Dysfunction
  • Inflammation
  • Increased Pain

Call Dr. Harcourt today for your Auto Injury Care needs! We are here to help! 239-278-3344.

Treatment Methods

  • Adjustment
  • Extremity Adjustment
  • Laser Therapy
  • Graston Technique
  • Flexion Distraction
  • Intersegmental Traction Table
  • Ultra-Sound
  • Interferential Current
  • Electric Muscle Stimulation
  • Rehab and Strengthening
  • Vibratory Massage
  • Hot Pad
  • Ice Massage

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