Do I have to pay for treatment?

 We will bill your auto insurance carrier and work with your attorney to get the bills paid. 

Does my Auto Insurance Rates go up by seeking treatment? 

Treatment typically does not increase your premiums. DUI, traffic violations, at fault accidents are things that increase premiums and these have nothing to do with treatment. By the time you get treatment if there are any factors likely to increase premiums they are already done so you might as well get care to get your life back. 

I do not have any pain or symptoms. Should I still be checked? 

Yes. You have 14 days to be checked to ensure coverage up to your PIP limit which is typically $10,000. A choice not to get checked results in loss of coverage regardless of presence or absence of symptoms. 

Other people were in my car during the accident, Are they covered for care as well? 

There are many nuances that may need to be addressed by an attorney but most likely they will be covered as well. 

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