Testimonial Video Review, continued

Are Bulging Discs limiting Your Activities?

Linda researched for a good Chiropractor that was flexible and able to do different techniques. Her bulging discs were putting pressure on her sciatic nerve, causing a pain and limited her function. After treatment from Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt she is now able to workout, lift weights, move more with less pain.


Tennis Player with Lower and Middle Back Pain

Carmine had a lot of lower back and middle back pain from playing tennis. He suffered for a few weeks before getting treated with the SONOMA Method. He was impressed with the professionalism and dedication of Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt. He could see that Dr. Harcourt is devoted to taking care of his patients and thorough with his exam and treatment plans.

Improve Golf Game One Adjustment at a Time

Johnny had extreme shoulder pain and neck pain. He liked that Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt was informative and gave him guidance to not injury himself in the future. Johnny is now able to turn better playing golf and is pain free.

Tried other Doctors for Years Without Results

Alesia suffered severe whiplash, lower back pain, neck pain. She was in pain for years, had seen Chiropractors, Massage therapists, Pain Management, Physical Therapist and nothing fixed the issue. Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt was able to help Alesia and he can help you too!

Better Flexibility, Mobility and Well-Being!

Steve had lower back pain for about 9 years. He has seen other doctors but they only prescribed drugs and did not fix his problem. After seeing Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt at Coast Chiropractic Centers he now has better flexibility, mobility and overall better well being of health.