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Many Of My patients Live In The Villas and Often Ask Me, Dr. Tim Harcourt, What They Can Do On Their Own To Get Over Their Car Accident and Subsequent Whiplash

Feb 11, 2022 -- Posted by : Dr.Harcourt


5 Top Whiplash DIY Tips For Your Recovery


1. First off let's just get it out there that you should see a health care professional such as a board-certified chiropractic physician as soon as you can after your accident for several reasons which include: make sure you have medical coverage in the state of Florida as you are required to be seen within the first 14 days after your accident or you stand to lose the full $10,000 medical PIP protection you already paid for in your premium; rule any serious complications 

2.  Next let's discuss the little things you can do to help yourself. Document the accident. Call your chiropractic physician's office immediately and schedule an appointment.

3. Limit the damage by avoiding heavy lifting, twisting, or carrying heavy items.  Doing these things can dramatically increase the bleeding and resultant scar tissue formation leading to a degenerative change in the spinal joints. Check below how this degeneration occurs in the spine


4. It given the choice initially between ice or heat you should consider opting for proper anti-inflammatory procedures such as ice application. check the link below for specific instructions:


5. Listen to your body.  If you move a certain way and you get sharp or severe pain, avoid those movements temporarily.  There will be time to get the motion back as long as you consult a qualified chiropractic physician.

So, if you have had a car accident in Fort Myers and you have neck pain, dizziness, vertigo, or imbalance and type in pain management near me, whiplash, or even car accident lawyer you may find Coast Chiropractic Centers with Dr. Timothy Harcourt, me, comes up. 

You may wonder, “Do I need an MRI scan of my neck or a DTI (Diffusion Tensor Imaging) of my brain for traumatic brain injury (TBI) detection and documentation”?

Also, if you feel arm or leg pain it may indicate things are getting worse and” may indicate a bulge on the disc or worse yet a herniated disc in your neck and/or back. Shoulder pain is very common with whiplash and could require conservative treatment right away to avoid injections or worse yet, surgery.  A foggy brain may indicate a mild traumatic brain injury, thus the potential need for a DTI (Diffusion Tensor Imaging).  Persistent or worsening pain intensity and/or frequency necessitates a visit to see a professional. 

Check out what the experts say about chiropractic care for whiplash here:


If you would like to avoid chronic whiplash symptoms in the first place or to take a proactive approach to your health and wellness, our membership program called Club C may be just the thing for you with great cost savings, convenience, and even more importantly, a plan to get your health back and keep it.

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