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What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury to the ligaments and tendons in the neck and head from a sudden sharp movement. More than 3 million people in America suffer from whiplash injuries every year. Approximately 50% of these victims will suffer from chronic pain. Approximately 10% of those people become permanently disabled as a result of their injuries.

Common Symptoms

Neck Pain / Back Pain / Rib Pain
Shoulder Pain / Arm Pain / Wrist Pain / Chest Pain
Costochondritis (Chest Pain)
Seizures or Loss of Consciousness
Blurred Vision
Fatigue and General Irritability
  • Mood Changes
  • Dysphasia
  • Poor Concentration
  • Mental Sluggishness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Ruminations about the accident

Physical Findings

  • Decrease in Range of Motion
  • Decrease in Strength
  • Decrease in Flexibility
  • Decrease in Coordination
  • Decrease in Balance
  • Joint Dysfunction
  • Inflammation
  • Increased Pain
  • Abnormal Pressure Pain Thresholds
  • Positive Nerve Compression Testing
  • Treatment
Spinal and Extremity Adjustments
High Dosage Diowave Laser Therapy
Graston Technique
Strengthening, Balance, and Coordination


What To Do After Your Auto Accident?

For some people who have been involved in a car accident, symptoms begin immediately; for others, it may not show for hours, days, or even months after the accident. Regardless, you only have 14 days to be evaluated or you lose up to $10,000 coverage!!  Why pay out of pocket when you already purchased the coverage through your auto policy?  Delay can be very costly in terms of dollars and health. Call Coast Chiropractic Centers at 239.278.3344 

Florida Law mandates that any person in an auto accident in Florida has 14 days to GET CHECKED OUT by a doctor or they forfeit ALL their Personal Injury Protection coverage! It's important that you call us today at 239-278-3344  option #1 if you have been in an auto accident, even if you currently do not feel the effects.

Do I need to hire an attorney before I get seen by the Doctor?

No. It is not required for you to have an attorney before you get seen. The main concern is to get checked out within 14 days and get you headed in the healing direction and feeling better. Once you are seen, if you do not have an attorney, Coast Chiropractic Centers can help you find an attorney.