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Auto Injury Care at Coast Chiropractic Centers located at 7270 College Parkway in  Fort Myers, FL is a focused-care of Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt.   Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt is a board-certified neuromusculoskeletal medicine specialist.  This allows him to specifically identify your particular injury and help you get your life back.  Car injury occurs to the vehicle and the human body which can be subjected to severe g-forces.  The real damage in an auto accident may not be so obvious or worse yet ignored by the human wanting to get their car back, more than their life at the moment.  However, life catches up with them and they then realize they should have gotten their own bodywork done. Don't make this disastrous mistake!  It could take six months to feel the effects of auto injury whiplash. Even if you are not feeling the effects right after the accident it is important to get checked by our neuromusculoskeletal medicine specialist, Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt, to make sure you do not lose your auto insurance coverage.  Florida state law demands you see someone within 14 days of your accident or you lose your health coverage under your auto policy, up to a $10,000 loss!  Don't wait; don't be late! You snooze, you lose.

Coast Chiropractic Centers staff will not only help you with your auto injury care but will help you get your life back and make you feel right at home as well. Our professional staff will assist you in easing your pain and the process. 

Need to be seen right away for your auto injury? Call our friendly staff at 239.278.3344 option # 1.  Can't get through?  Contact Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt, of Coast Chiropractic Centers, on his cell at 717.542.9386 by text and give your name and a brief explanation of your car accident and when it occurred 

Coast Chiropractic Centers features a neuromusculoskeletal medicine specialist in Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt. We offer much more than spinal adjustments to include: laser therapy for enhanced healing and pain reduction; enhanced phonophoresis for deep penetration to spinal tissues; Graston Technique for stimulated tendon, muscle, and ligamentous repair and recovery; along with strengthening, balance and coordination procedures to help ensure your full recovery from your auto injury and to get your life back!

What To Do After Your Auto Accident?

For some people who have been involved in a car accident, symptoms begin immediately; for others, it may not show for hours, days or even months after the accident. Regardless, you only have 14 days to be evaluated or you lose up to $10,000 coverage!!  Why pay out of pocket when you already purchased the coverage through your auto policy?  Delay can be very costly in terms of dollars and health. Call Coast Chiropractic Centers at 239.278.3344 option # 1.


Florida Law mandates that any person in an auto accident in Florida has 14 days to GET CHECKED OUT by a doctor or they forfeit ALL their Personal Injury Protection coverage! It's important that you call us today at 239-278-3344  option #1 if you have been in an auto accident, even if you currently do not feel the effects.

Do I need to hire an attorney before I get seen by the Doctor?

It is not required for you to have an attorney before you get seen. The main concern is to get checked out within 14 days and get you headed in the healing direction and feeling better. Once you are seen, if you do not have an attorney, Coast Chiropractic Centers can help you find an attorney if Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt deems necessary.

Give us a call at 239-278-3344 option # 1 to schedule before you lose out getting your life back and $10,000 coverage to do so.

Coast Chiropractic Centers, Inc. accepts auto injury cases regularly and is ready and able to handle your injury needs.

For any of your Auto Injury questions don't hesitate to call us at 239-278-3344 option # 1.

Hesitate...And You Complicate Your Health State!!

Common Symptoms

It’s becoming more and more apparent over the years that “fender benders” are damaging more than just our cars. Ask any of the millions of Americans across the country that have had this common accident, and you’ll find there’s a good chance they also have new health problems as a result.

Whiplash can cause headaches, seizures, loss of consciousness, blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, mood changes, dysphasia, poor concentration, mental sluggishness, depression, foggy-brain anxiety, and more.

Neck PainShoulder PainChest Pain, and Low Back Pain are also common symptoms following a car accident.

Physical Findings

Through the SONOMA Method, created by Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt, he will test your Range of Motion, Strength, Joint Function, and Pain levels. With auto injuries, the following are typical findings:

  • Decrease in Range of Motion
  • Decrease in Strength
  • Decrease in Flexibility
  • Decrease in Coordination
  • Decrease in Balance
  • Joint Dysfunction
  • Inflammation
  • Increased Pain

Call Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt today for your Auto Injury Care needs at Coast Chiropractic Centers! We are here to help! 239-278-3344 option # 1. 


Treatment Methods

  • Spinal Adjustment- get your rusty hinges moving and improve alignment
  • Extremity Adjustment (Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot)
  • Diowave Class IV Laser Therapy- enhanced healing and pain reduction
  • Graston Technique- stimulate healing to muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  • Flexion-Distraction- gentle stretch and adjustment well tolerated
  • Activities of Daily Living Counseling- learn what you can do to help yourself 
  • Enhanced Phonophoresis- drive healing forward in deep spinal tissues
  • Strengthening- provided the registered chiropractic who provides Dr.-directed assisted exercise to stabilize your spine
  • Balance- reconnecting your brain to your body is a critical component
  • Coordination- brain-body-spinal cord integrative techniques 
  • Pre-Manipulative Soft Tissue Pliability Enhancement- a niche service
  • Medical Massage- specifically-directed to the correct body areas
  • SONOMA Method- percent improvement calculation of your progress


Meet Our Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Doctor

Dr. B.Timothy Harcourt, DC, FIANM
Board Certified Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

Dr Harcourt

  • Third generation doctor from a family of Chiropractic and Medical Doctors
  • Graduated from the National University of Health Sciences
  • Board-Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
  • Published in an esteemed medical journal, the JMPT, and the Library of Congress.
  • Over 33 years in private practice
  • Author, Creator, Researcher and Publisher of the SONOMA Method

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What to Expect…

First Appointment

  • A consultation including history and physical exam to include, if indicated in your case, the SONOMA Method

Second Appointment

  • Diagnosis of your condition
  • We work with you to develop a course of treatment for your specific needs and budget with financial options

At Every Appointment

  • To be treated like family
  • Complimentary tea, coffee, or water while you wait. We also have a relaxing massage chair in our waiting room
  • To be given treatment options to get your life back
  • A complimentary benefits check for those with insurance
  • Meeting You Where You Are, Helping You Get To Where You Want To Be
  • Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better

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