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Back in the Game: Exercises to Sideline Sports-Related Back Pain!

Dec 25, 2023 -- Posted by : Dr.Harcourt

A systematic analysis involving 201 studies has found that low back pain impacts 10-67% of athletes at any time, with 17-94% experiencing it due to sports on an annual basis. This variance is attributed to factors such as age, competitive level, and the particular sports studied. Sports like gymnastics, diving, weightlifting, golf, football, and rowing are associated with a higher risk of developing low back pain. To mitigate this risk, what strategies can be employed?

In a study conducted in 2022, 70 high school volleyball players, a group also known to have a high incidence of low back pain, were divided into a control group, which continued with their regular routines, and an intervention group, which added a four-week regimen of stretches and exercises aimed at enhancing dynamic thoracic mobility and core stability to their usual activities. This routine, lasting around ten minutes, comprised exercises such as the jack-knife stretch for hamstring flexibility to aid in bending forward, the gastrocnemius stretch to improve calf flexibility and ankle dorsiflexion, the iliopsoas stretch to ease hip flexors and lessen lumbar lordosis, and front plank exercises to strengthen the lower back and buttocks.

Results showed that 33% of participants in the control group reported experiencing low back pain, in contrast to only 8.8% in the intervention group, indicating that those who focused on strength and flexibility were significantly less prone to suffer from low back pain. Moreover, the intervention group showed enhanced physical function, evident in better back endurance, spine flexibility, shoulder and trunk mobility, ankle flexibility, and improved flexibility of the iliopsoas, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

This research underscores the significance of maintaining a strong and flexible core to decrease the likelihood of low back pain, a principle applicable not only to athletes but also to the general population. Chiropractors often note core strength and flexibility deficits in patients with low back pain and recommend home exercises to support rehabilitation and prevent future low back pain episodes.

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You may wonder, “Do I need an MRI scan of my back and who in my area can refer me?”

Also, if you feel leg pain it may indicate things are getting worse and may indicate a bulge on the disc or worse yet a herniated disc in your back.  Some people will try stretching the lower back first to see if they get relief from their back pain.  Pain very low in the lower back may be originating from the coccyx or tailbone.  A pulled muscle in the back generally will get better with rest.  Persistent or worsening pain intensity and/or frequency necessitates a visit to see a professional around you.

Check out what the experts say about chiropractic care for back pain here: 


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