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Hip's Hidden Harmony: Unsnapping the Mystery of Snapping Hip Syndrome!

Jan 8, 2024 -- Posted by : Dr.Harcourt

Chronic hip pain can impact people of any age or level of physical activity, with 30-40% of former athletes and 12-15% of individuals over 60 experiencing the condition. Among the various causes of hip pain, coxa saltans, or snapping hip syndrome (SHS), stands out. This condition is marked by a distinct snapping sound or feeling in the hip, which may affect one or both sides and can be either painful or painless, often without a clear cause.

The snapping sensation is typically caused by the iliopsoas (hip flexor tendon) or the iliotibial (IT) band on the leg's side. The "internal type" of SHS involves the iliopsoas and occurs with specific hip movements—extending, internally rotating, then flexing and externally rotating the hip to replicate the snapping as the tendon moves over the femoral head. The "external type" involves the IT band snapping over the greater trochanter during hip movement from extension to flexion. These occurrences are classified as extra-articular since their origins are outside the hip joint. Conversely, intra-articular SHS, which might stem from loose bodies, a torn labrum, or fractures, typically requires more intensive treatment. It's possible for both intra- and extra-articular SHS to happen simultaneously, particularly with the iliopsoas type.

Research indicates that individuals engaging in activities demanding extreme hip rotations, like young gymnasts and ballet dancers, have a higher propensity for developing symptomatic SHS. Young women, due to pelvic size and growth during development, are also at a higher risk. Additionally, both avid exercisers and those who are obese or overweight may experience psoas muscle hypertrophy and inflammation, including in the iliopsoas bursa and muscle, elevating their risk for SHS.

Fortunately, except for cases necessitating urgent medical or surgical care, most instances of SHS can be effectively managed with conservative treatments, including chiropractic interventions. For those experiencing hip pain or a snapping sensation during movement, a chiropractor will evaluate mobility, palpate the area, check range of motion (including spinal, pelvic, and hip), analyze gait, and conduct tests like the FADIR test to identify the SHS type and devise a preliminary treatment plan. This plan may encompass office-based manual and physiotherapies, along with recommended activity adjustments and targeted exercises.

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