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Oh, My Aching Leg: Unraveling the Mystery of Leg Pain!

Feb 16, 2024 -- Posted by : Dr.Harcourt

Some lower back conditions can lead to more than just lower back pain.

To gain a better understanding of this, let's delve into a brief anatomy lesson. The spine can be divided into two halves: the front and the back. The front half includes larger vertebral bodies and shock-absorbing intervertebral disks, akin to jelly donuts with a liquid-like center and a tough outer layer arranged like tree rings. Ligaments hold the vertebral bodies and disks tightly together in this portion. On the other hand, the back half encompasses the spinal cord, nerve roots, and small facet joints, which are the joints of the back. Every movable joint has a joint capsule that lubricates the joint and limits its movement, along with surrounding ligaments. While the larger vertebral bodies and disks bear approximately 80% of the weight, the smaller facet joints, responsible for guiding back movements, carry only 20%.

The presence of leg pain can be attributed to either a pinched nerve or an inflamed facet joint.

Pinched nerves usually result from a herniated disk with sciatica, where the jelly-like center of the intervertebral disk leaks out and compresses the nerve traveling down the leg. This type of pain is specific, easily described, and often extends below the knee, potentially causing muscle weakness and numbness in specific leg areas. Bending forward typically exacerbates low back and leg pain, while bending backward can alleviate leg pain (and sometimes low back pain).

When a facet joint capsule tears (referred to as a "sprain"), the pain is "referred" down the leg in a generalized and nonspecific manner, often described as a "deep ache" that doesn't typically extend below the knee. In this case, bending forward may provide relief, while bending backward doesn't have a specific effect on the leg. Disk-related leg pain may require surgery if conservative treatments fail, whereas facet joint referred leg pain rarely necessitates invasive interventions or surgery.

The encouraging news is that chiropractic care can effectively treat both sources of low back and leg pain! It's crucial to seek prompt treatment when symptoms first appear, as delaying and hoping for self-resolution can lead to a more prolonged treatment process and reduced satisfaction for all parties involved.

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You may wonder, “Is There a Better Way to Address Actually Fixing the Cause of the Pain?”

Once you have experienced the frustration of simply covering over the pain temporarily, you may be more enlightened to the idea of fixing the problem and then keep it that way. Some around you say one description of such an approach is called wellness care.


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