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Rest Easy, Move Freely: The Ultimate Guide to Mattresses and Back Pain Relief

Aug 28, 2023 -- Posted by : Dr.Harcourt

With the multitude of mattress options accessible—ranging from foam, coiled, water, to amalgamations of these, and additional choices encompassing soft, medium, or firm—where should we commence? The abundance of these factors renders the quest for the perfect fit genuinely challenging.

An orthopedic surgeon survey found that 95% of the surgeons polled believed that the mattress played a role in back pain management, and 76% recommended a firm mattress. But is this supported by research?

In an Oklahoma State University study, researchers provided 59 healthy people whose beds were at least five years old with new beds featuring a medium-firm, foam-encased spring mattress. ALL the study subjects said they had less back pain, less shoulder stiffness, improved sleep quality, and greater comfort after 28 nights on the new beds. However, when these researchers reviewed prior studies that compared foam vs. coil vs. water beds, the reviews were mixed, raising the question, “Would any new bed be better than an old one?”

Numerous studies have evaluated variations among mattresses, and this includes a study led by chiropractors that examined two key factors: spinal distortion and maximum pressure. The study's findings indicated that mattresses should ideally achieve goals of minimal spinal distortion and reduced maximum pressures.

Another study, this time from a team of South Korean researchers, found that participants gave the highest ratings when their spinal curve while lying down was similar to their standing spinal curve. This prompted a six-day/night follow-up study where researchers measured brain waves, eye movements, heart rhythm, chin movements, and body temperature overnight in a sleep laboratory. They found that sleep efficiency and deep sleep percentages were higher AND the participants woke up less often when the participant rated the mattress as “comfortable”.

A Spanish study found a connection between higher comfort scores how well the pressure of a user’s body distributed over the mattress.

Another study that included 313 adults with chronic low back pain divided participants into two groups that slept on either a medium-firm or a firm mattress for 90 days. The study found that those on the medium-firm mattress had the best outcomes for pain in bed, pain on rising, and disability.

So after ADDING up ALL these findings, it appears that doctors should recommend a mattress that does not distort the spine, distributes weight evenly, and is medium-firm in density.

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You may wonder, “Is There a Better Way to Address Actually Fixing the Cause of the Pain?”

Once you have experienced the frustration of simply covering over the pain temporarily, you may be more enlightened to the idea of fixing the problem and then keep it that way. Some around you say one description of such an approach is called wellness care.


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