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Veterans (VACC) Who Want To Get Off Of Prescription Medication That Leaves Them Feeling Groggy or Dizzy: Here Are Some Answers

Feb 17, 2022 -- Posted by : Dr.Harcourt


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Veterans Interested In Reducing Inflammation and Pain Naturally

There are anti-inflammatory herbs such as ginger, turmeric, devil’s claw, and Boswellia extract that can help reduce a major source of your chronic pain (lasting longer than 3 months) which is, of course, inflammation.

"Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a delicious spice with a peppery yet sweet flavor. You can enjoy this spice in various ways, such as fresh, dried, or powdered.  Outside of ginger’s culinary uses, people have used it for thousands of years in traditional medicine to heal numerous conditions. These include colds, migraines, nausea, arthritis, and high blood pressure.  Ginger contains more than 100 active compounds, such as gingerol, shogaol, zingiberene, and zingerone, to name a few.


The proteolysis enzymes bromelain and papain can be helpful to reduce inflammation and aid in digestion as well.  By the way, when your digestion is working smoothly and on all cylinders you do better overall and especially with inflammation.  One source has this to say:

"People use bromelain topically, to remove dead skin from burns, and orally, to reduce inflammation and swelling — particularly of the nasal passages. Bromelain is also used as a digestive aid, for osteoarthritis, and to reduce soreness in aching muscles."


Others include rutin, bioflavonoid, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, etc.) and dietary modifications aimed at reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

So, if you are a veteran, thank you for your service to military and country!  You may have neck or back pain and typed in veteran care, VACC, or My Vet, or pain management near me, and you find that Coast Chiropractic Centers with Dr. Timothy Harcourt, me, comes up. 

You may wonder, what is wrong with my neck or back?  
Pain in the neck or back is a problem that needs attention. Lower back pain combined with leg pain can be particularly annoying and even disabling.

You may ask, how do I get a referral for chiropractic care to get this fixed?  Here are the steps:

1.      Contact your primary care physician (PCP) with the VA.  If you don’t have one call this number and ask for a primary care physician (PCP) to be assigned:  (727) 398-6661 extension 22087.  You will reach the center for Veteran Program Manager.  There will be a prompt to request a PCP; use that one.

2.      Once you have a PCP at the VA, simply call the nurse that works with your PCP and  request a chiropractic consultation with Dr. Tim Harcourt at Coast Chiropractic Centers 7270 College Parkway Fort Myers, FL 33907 (239) 278-3344 and fax number (239) 278-3159.

3.      Once you have requested the consultation they will see if you qualify for referral through the VACC (Community Care Program).  If you qualify and they can’t accommodate you within 30 days at Cape Coral they will give you a consultation with our office.

4.      Once you have the consultation approved to our office, the next step is to get the first visit date and time set up.  The VA will contact us to make the appointment,

5.      After your first visit appointment date and time is completed with our office, we will contact you to confirm.

6.      Lastly, make sure you do not miss your first visit.  If you miss you may lose all of your approved treatments; generally initially 12. 


 Check out what the experts say about chiropractic care for neck and back pain for veterans here:


At Coast Chiropractic Centers we look forward to providing relief to those veterans suffering from any type of pain.  Call me, Dr. Tim Harcourt, at Coast Chiropractic Centers at (239) 278-3344 or stop by on your day off for a walk in visit and mention this article for an awesome discounted first visit to include history, exam, and adjustment or Class IV high-intensity laser treatment.

If you would like to avoid getting neck or back pain in the first place or to take a proactive approach to your health and wellness, our membership program called Club C may be just the thing for you with great cost savings, convenience, and even more importantly, a plan to get your health back and keep it.

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Don't let knee pain stop you from enjoying the beautiful SWFL! Dr. Tim Harcourt is here to give you the relief you need. 


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