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How I Became A Third Generation Chiropractor by Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt of Coast Chiropractic centers

Jun 8, 2020 -- Posted by : Dr.Harcourt

Coast Chiropractic Centers' very own Dr. B Timothy Harcourt, sits down and talks about his story of becoming a chiropractor. How his family, from his grandfather, father, and two brothers who all were and currently are chiropractors gave him a rich medical background. Starting from Dr. Harcourt’s parents falling in love with each other at his grandfather’s chiropractic office, to his current practice Coast Chiropractic Centers in Fort Myers, FL. In addition to graduating from Chiropractic College, Dr. Timothy Harcourt continued his post-graduate education and became Board Certified Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine of which less than 5% of Doctors of Chiropractic can say the same. Follow from A to Z how Dr. Harcourt has impacted his patients in his 33 years of practice, along with how their life-changing recoveries have stimulated him.

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