Reset your mind and body with the relaxation of a massage custom made just for you. Combining a specific chiropractic adjustment with massage therapy has been proven to help unblock the nervous system to help your body function at its optimal level. 

Therapeutic Massage
Indulge in the perfect remedy for stress-induced tension and ease your body and mind into deep relaxation with this rejuvenating massage.

Deep Tissue Massage
With deliberate strokes of deep pressure, this massage will help to provide relief for any chronic tension or muscle stiffness you have been experiencing.

Hemp Oil Target Area Massage
Using medical-grade Hemp Salve we help to optimize your relief from acute injury or strain by working into the multiple muscle tissue layers of the specific area of your injury. (this can be added to any massage for additional price)

Pregnancy Massage
Help your body relax in all stages of the pregnancy process through this relaxing massage designed to relieve all the aches and pains you’re experiencing, especially in the neck, hips, and weight-bearing joints. (Clients are recommended to be past their 1st trimester.)

Add ons Available: 
+ Aromatherapy:
  Add a touch of aromatherapy to soothe the senses and enhance your massage experience.
+ Sombra: Feel the cooling sensation of our Sombra to relieve aches and pains with a lasting effect.
+ Hemp Treatment: Our brand new Hemp Salve will penetrate deep into the muscles without psychoactive side effects.
+ Seated Option: Have trouble laying on your stomach or tight on time? Try our accommodating seated option.


Massage Memberships available
through Club C

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