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My Lower Back Pain Is Killing Me and The Chemicals Are Not Working.  What Should I Do?

The very best way to eliminate your back pain is to identify the exact source of the pain first.  many people believe you cannot find out the cause of back pain without an MRI scan of the back. This would be like needing a thermograph to find out if lava is hot. A thorough history and exam can identify the exact source of your pain when performed by a doctor of chiropractic. Once the source of your pain is identified the proper course of treatment can be recommended.

When I Typed in Google, Chiropractor Near Me It Brought me to Your Website. What Do I Do Next?

The first course of action is to call (239) 278-3344 and schedule a new patient visit.  Be sure to ask for the special by mentioning you saw the code: 59 covers my first visit. The most important immediate thing is to take action and move in the right direction for a resolution.


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