Hip Pain

My Hip Pain Hurts Like Crazy and Limits My Activities.  What Are My Non-Surgical Options?:

Before getting invasive surgery, injections, or taking chemicals to dominate the nervous system there are several natural pain management options to include: Diowave Class IV Laser for deep heating and healing; Graston technique for healing of the tendons, muscles, and ligaments around the hip; gentle adjustments to the hip joint itself to improve joint movement and to reduce hip pain.

I've Been Taking Lots of Chemicals and Even Rubbing In Chemical Gels and My Hip Is Not Feeling Much Better. What Are My Non-Chemical Options at Coast Chiropractic Centers?

Laser, Graston, and Adjustments will help heal your hip so the pain goes away instead of simply trying to cover over the problem.


I Love To Walk Fort Myers Beach and Even Barefoot Beach But Cannot Really Do So Now With My Hip Pain. What Can I Do Next?

Schedule a non-charge demonstration so you see first-hand how if we can help you.  What do you have to lose besides your hip pain?

My Xray Shows What Has Been Described As "Bone-Bone" Findings. Really I Prefer Not To Get Surgery Or Take Lots of Chemicals.  Is There Really Any Other Option?

You indeed may need hip surgery if it is bad enough. However, we find many who have been recommended for hip replacement surgery get good results with natural pain management and healing. 

I Moved Here To Play Pickle Ball, Tennis, and Golf. It Is Very Frustrating Not Being Able To Do The Things I Enjoy.  What Is My Next Move To Find Out If You Can Help Me?

Simply call me, Dr. Tim Harcourt, at Coast Chiropractic Centers at 239.278.3344 for a no-charge demonstration.  If you are not completely satisfied, there is no pressure or obligation for treatment.

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