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Shoulder Pain

My Shoulder Is Hurting Like Crazy and I Typed In Chiropractor Near Me And You Came Up. What Can A Chiropractor Do For Me?:

There are many non-surgical, non-injection, and non-chemical alternatives to fix your shoulder.  Of course, it largely depends on the chiropractor and his or her capabilities some of which include: Graston technique, high-dosage class IV deep-penetrating laser treatment, and shoulder adjustments which are not performed by many chiropractors.

I'm Taking A Lot of Chemicals And They Have Not Touched My Shoulder Pain.  What To Do Next?:

The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  You may consider a completely different approach which might include a true healing approach to your shoulder pain instead of covering the pain over with chemical domination.


I Got My Shoulder Pain Playing Pickle Ball Or Tennis And I Think I Have A Muscle Strain In My Shoulder. Can You Help Me With A Strained Muscle?:

Yes.  The key is to have a thorough examination to determine the exact tendons affected so the treatment can be specifically directed to the problem.

Oddly Enough, I Typed In Pain Management Near Me and You Came Up. What Can A Chiropractor Do For Me?:

Natural, non-invasive, non-surgical pain management helping you get over the shoulder pain without the risk of MRSA infection or other complications of invasive procedures or chemical domination.

Some Chemical Rub-Ins Calms The Fire Temporarily But Has Not Fixed The Problem. What To Do Next?:

Schedule an exam to determine the exact cause of your shoulder pain so a specific treatment plan can address your problem head-on.

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