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Not Only Do I Have Neck And Back Pain But I Also Suffer From Pain And Numbness In My Arms And Lags Despite Taking High Doses Of Chemicals.  Are There Other Alternatives?

Yes. Sometimes backing the truck off the garden hose goes a long way in getting more water through the hose.  The same can be said about the nerves exiting your neck and lower back.  Take the pressure off the nerves and they work better.

My Symptoms Have Been Persistent and Have Contributed To My Depression.  Can You Help Me With My Depression? 

Quite possibly, because if we reduce your symptoms you most likely will get a boost mentally.  If you have deeper needs mentally, there are specialists at the VA to help you.


I Typed in Chiropractor Near Me and Coast Chiropractic Centers Came Up. I'm a Veteran.  Do You Participate With The VA Through Community Care?

We are pleased to participate with VA Community Care.  You have been there for us, so now let us be there for you.

The Chemicals I'm Taking Don't Really Get Rid Of My Pain.  How Does Your Treatment Approach Differ To Give Me Some Hope?

We offer non-chemical, non-surgical, natural gentle hands-on adjustments to the neck and back to reduce your neck and/or back pain; Graston myofascial release to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to reduce the pain around the joints; warm deep penetrating laser for healing of the nerves to reduce the neuropathy in the arms and/or legs.

My PTSD Flairs When My Neck, Back, Arm, and Leg Pain Are Worse. Can You Help Me?

We find our veteran patients do better with all phases of their life when their symptoms are reduced.

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