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I've Been On High Dose Gabapentin or Neurontin and My Pain, Numbness, and Paresthesia Into My Wrist and Hand Remain Severe. What Can You Do To Help Me?

The simple answer is to offer a mechanical decompression of the carpal tunnel instead of trying to cover over the pain.  

I Typed In Chiropractor Near Me and also Pain Management Near Me and You Came Up. Do You Give Opioids For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Absolutely, positively we do not ever prescribe opioids for carpal tunnel syndrome or any condition for that matter.


When I Try To Hand Shake With Someone It Causes Numbness, Tingling, and Pain In My Wrist.  However, When Sleeping At Night I Find Myself Shaking My Hands To Get Rid Of The Paresthesias. Why Would This Be?

A handshake compresses the median nerve in the carpal tunnel but shaking the hands temporarily decompresses the median nerve in the carpal tunnel.

I Have Numbing In My Fingers, Will I Need Opioids or Surgery?

Opioids are rarely if ever indicated for carpal tunnel syndrome and in fact, pose serious potential complications.  Fortunately,  surgery is almost always a last resort only after conservative treatment has failed.  We have a high success rate for carpal tunnel treatment cases accepted here.  If your case looks to be surgical, then we will recommend that route.  Fortunately, that is a very rare occurrence here mainly due to the high-dosage class IV laser's ability to reduce inflammation and to provide healing to the tendons and the median nerve combined with gentle wrist adjustments to re-establish the normal tunnel positioning, therefore, taking the truck off the garden hose so to speak.

A Pain Management Group Near Me Suggests To Get Injections.  Do You Recommend That?

We don't ever recommend injections for carpal tunnel unless conservative measures such as wrist manipulation, Graston technique, stretches, ADL modifications, and class IV laser has been ineffective to a resolution to the carpal tunnel syndrome. 

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