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My Shoulder Is Hurting Like Crazy and I Typed In Chiropractor Near Me And You Came Up. What Can A Chiropractor Do For Me?:

There are many non-surgical, non-injection, and non-opioid alternatives to fix your shoulder.  Of course, it largely depends on the chiropractor and his or her capabilities some of which include: Graston technique, high-dosage class IV deep-penetrating laser treatment, and shoulder adjustments which are not performed by many chiropractors.

My Family Doctor Has Me On High-Dosage Gabapentin And Opioids And It Has Not Touched My Shoulder Pain.  What To Do Next?:

The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  You may consider a completely different approach which might include a true healing approach to your shoulder pain instead of covering the pain over with chemical domination.


I Got My Shoulder Pain Playing Pickle Ball Or Tennis And I Think I Have A Muscle Strain In My Shoulder. Can You Help Me With A Strained Muscle?:

Yes.  The key is to have a thorough examination to determine the exact tendons affected so the treatment can be specifically directed to the problem.

Oddly Enough, I Typed In Pain Management Near Me and You Came Up. What Can A Chiropractor Do For Me?:

Natural, non-invasive, non-surgical pain management helping you get over the shoulder pain without the risk of MRSA infection or other complications of invasive procedures or addictive medications.

Voltaren Gel Calms The Fire Temporarily But Has Not Fixed The Problem. What To Do Next?:

Schedule an exam to determine the exact cause of your shoulder pain so a specific treatment plan can address your problem head-on.

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