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What a great experience
In desperation, I finally relented to suggestions to try a Chiropractor. My friend recommended Dr. Timothy Harcourt when I had been in a car accident that left me distraught. That adjustment gave me a small amount of relief; enough that it opened my mind to the possibility that Chiropractic might work. I received weekly adjustments for another 6 weeks, and my back improved significantly. My Chiropractor attributed most of my problems to my sedentary desk job, with up to 12 hours a day spent at the computer. That was 2 years ago. I'm 23 and now live remarkably pain free, and I am able to carry on a totally normal life including strenuous activities because of Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt.
What more could I ask for?
What a wonderful experience going to Dr. Harcourt! After a recent auto injury and my body feeling like jell-o, Dr. Harcourt and his wonderful staff went above and beyond to assist with my recovery. Dr. Harcourt explained every step in a concise manner and the treatment made me feel 1000% better. Could not and will not recommend any other Dr. than Dr. Harcourt!
I would definitely recommend Dr. Timothy Harcourt!
I first came to see Dr. Timothy Harcourt because I had a severe pain in my left shoulder, as well as my mid and lower back due to a car accident.I came to see the Doctor within a couple days of my accident, but I did go to the emergency room first. The ER did not really do anything for me, so I decided to come to Coast Chiropractic. The staff at Coast Chiropractic treated me like family. They really care about everything. They make sure that you are feeling better and they communicate what they are doing and want to know how I was feeling, ensuring that everything was 100% with my care. Since receiving care from Dr. Harcourt I am now able to carry my daughter again which is a #1 benefit for me, as well as being able to move around 100% again. I would definitely recommend Dr. Timothy Harcourt!
Tennis Player with Lower Back Pain
“I like the professionalism and the dedication of the Doctor more than anything. I can see he is really very devoted to taking care of his patients and he is a really nice man.”
Excruciating lower back pain
I was treated like a brother…… I feel like I’m really back to normal
Extreme Neck and Shoulder Pain
You can’t work well if you don’t feel well, and I feel good now!
Rotator Cuff and Hip Pain
His personality helped a great deal….His treatment was good, it got to the point.
Severe Neck and Shoulder Blade Pain
You couldn’t ask for a better staff. The staff has been absolutely wonderful; It’s a pleasure coming here.
A lot of years with a lot of pain
The Doctor is great! He’s got a great bedside manner.
I left the office I was feeling good
When I first came to see Dr. Timothy Harcourt at Coast Chiropractic Centers I was having mid and lower back pain, as well as neck and shoulder pain. I had been dealing with this pain for approximately 4 or 5 years before deciding to treated. Starting my new job and having children all contributed to my condition. I didn’t see any other Doctors or have any other types of treatment; I would on occasion take over the counter medications to ease the pain. The staff at Coast Chiropractic Centers was fantastic! My favorite part about my care was the staff and the fact that every time I left the office I was feeling good. Since getting evaluated and treated at Coast Chiropractic Centers, I am sleeping better and I can get through work feeling better after a 12 hour shift. I would of course recommend Dr. Timothy Harcourt!