Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

5.0 27 Reviews
“I think he is the best Doctor in the United States, if not the world!”

“I was treated like a brother…… I feel like I’m really back to normal”

I first came to see Dr. Timothy Harcourt because I was in a really bad car accident. I was feeling terrible and was all bruised up everywhere on my body. I saw the Doctor the day after my accident. I did not seek treatment anywhere else, except for the Emergency room the day of the accident. The staff at Coast Chiropractic Centers treated me great; they were awesome! I enjoyed everything about my care; everything helped me. I liked the SONOMA method because it helped to tell me how badly hurt I was to how much I have improved since beginning care here. I would definitely recommend Dr. Timothy Harcourt!
“You can’t work well if you don’t feel well, and I feel good now!”

“You couldn’t ask for a better staff. The staff has been absolutely wonderful; It’s a pleasure coming here.”

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