Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

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“You can’t work well if you don’t feel well, and I feel good now!”

“You couldn’t ask for a better staff. The staff has been absolutely wonderful; It’s a pleasure coming here.”

“The Doctor is great! He’s got a great bedside manner.”

“His personality helped a great deal….His treatment was good, it got to the point.”
When I first came to see Dr. Harcourt at Coast Chiropractic I had ruptured discs in my neck. They just weren’t getting any better because of my job. I had been suffering with this issue for about 18 months. I had been to an Orthopedic Surgeon and had neck injections, but after little results I decided to get evaluated and treated here at Coast Chiropractic. The staff at Coast Chiropractic treated me great; better than any other office I have ever been to. My favorite part about the care I received here was that everything was explained to me and also how the staff was willing to work with me to make sure my appointments would not conflict with my work schedule. Plus, the treatment really helped me and it really worked! Since receiving care at Coast Chiropractic, I am virtually pain free for the first time in a long time. I recommend Dr. Harcourt to everybody!!!

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