Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

5.0 27 Reviews
“Everybody’s friendly and down to earth and sweet and they listen. It was just kind of a nice breath of fresh air to come here.”
“I liked the personal hands-on approach; not being treated like a number.”

“Better flexibility, better mobility, overall better well-being of health.”
“I liked the way he tests you…. The evaluation actually made sense……. You can’t fix it without knowing what’s wrong.”

“I got my life back…. Over all life is better because it’s like I am here and now, whereas before I was walking in a fog. I’m much more alert, and just generally happier.”

“Dr. Harcourt recognized my pain and he took it seriously, and as I got better he celebrated with me.”
“Dr. Harcourt is very thorough. He is absolutely the best Chiropractor I have ever seen.”

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