Have you ever felt like you have lost your quality of life? 
Are there things you would like to do but aren't able to because of pain and lack of function?

Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt, researched and developed a system to track patients improvement over time. This holds our office accountable for your health and your improvement. Once patients have received some care they will be re-examined to determine not only that their pain has subsided but how they are getting their function, range of motion and strength back. This Functional Capacity Assessment system that was developed by Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt and tested and researched at Penn State University is called the SONOMA Method and he has taught this method to other doctors all over the United States.

Invented, copyrighted, trademarked and taught by Dr. B. Timothy Harcourt

What is the SONOMA Method? 

• The SONOMA Method is a scientific method developed by your Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Harcourt, that is designed to help us identify those aspects of your treatment that work the best for you, so that we can help you achieve your maximal recovery. 

• This method measures your percent improvement over time to help you get your life back. 

How does the SONOMA Method benefit me? 

• The SONOMA Method provides a research-based tracking mechanism of your response to care from not only a pain perspective but also your ability to function doing the things you want and need to do in life. Once you have reached your highest level of functional improvement (your normal), you will be discharged from active care. 

What makes the SONOMA Method different? 

• The SONOMA Method has been tested in concert with Pennsylvania State University and published in a major medical journal. Dr. Harcourt has taught the SONOMA Method to hundreds of other Doctors throughout the United States. 


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