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Managing pain without drugs can be done safely and effectively. You may be looking for an alternative to addictive opioid pain medication or they simply may not be working for you.  You may have noted a significantly diminished capacity to live your life.  We can help you alleviate pain and manage pain with a holistic approach to natural pain management including laser therapy, chiropractic adjustments, physical medicine and rehab, and non-opioid herbal medication. 

Diowave Therapeutic Deep Penetrating Laser Therapy

At Coast Chiropractic, we use high dosage Laser Therapy to alleviate and manage pain. While many providers use a Class 3 laser, we’ve made the investment in a Class 4 laser unit because of the difference we see in alleviating pain for our patients. Find out how it works and why it works… At Coast Chiropractic we offer leading-edge Diowave High Dosage Laser therapy treatments. The Class 4 Deep Penetrating Laser Therapy does 4 things.

Can you remember C.H.I.P?

C - Increases Circulation.

H - Promotes Healing.

I - Decreases Inflammation.

P - Decreases Pain.


Chiropractic Adjustments

Hands-on traditional type of adjustment involves the use of a carefully directed manual pressure on a dysfunctional joint pushing that joint through its normal range of motion to restore healthy position and mobility. During this type of adjustment, the patient often feels the joint release followed by an immediate reduction in pain and muscle tension. 

Physical Medicine, Strengthening, Balance, and Coordination

In-office guided strengthening and balance and coordination exercises to strengthen your spine and reeducate your neuromuscular system and help recover as much function as possible. Benefits Include: Injury Prevention; Keeps you aligned; Improves balance and coordination. 

Non-Opioid Herbal Medication

Natural herbal supplements can also be used to help alleviate inflammatory pain, autoimmune-driven pain, neuralgic pain, and spasm-driven pain. By using the appropriate herbs with superior quality and potency, patients can experience dramatic positive effects.