Neck Pain After A Car Accident in Fort Myers? :

So, neck pain is a very common symptom of whiplash following a car crash.  The head is essentially "whipped" like a cowboy whip during a rapid acceleration-deceleration action from the car accident. Some people will type in google chiropractor near me or even car accident lawyer.  We strongly recommend getting evaluated first. 

My Brain is Foggy Since the Car Accident, What is Going On? :

Many people who have had a car accident in Fort Myers experience what is called "foggy brain."  Not only can it be very annoying, but it can be debilitating.  It may signal that you have had a traumatic brain injury.  This requires immediate attention...do not wait to call.

Symptoms That Signal A Need For Evaluation and Treatment For Whiplash? :

Unremitting neck pain, headache, arm or leg pain, foggy brain, nausea, dizziness, loss of memory, disorientation, fear-avoidance of driving, shoulder pain, difficulty sleeping or processing thoughts, lack of taste or smell, chest pain, or wrist pain would signal a need to be evaluated quickly. 

My neck feels stuck and has knots, what is going on most likely? :

A thorough history and exam are necessary to clearly determine the cause of this very common feeling after a whiplash.  Many times, the muscles "splint" up and cause a knot-type of feeling.  Joints that are dysfunctional from trauma such as whiplash will be restricted until fully healed.  The key is to get full healing in the proper position so you maintain good posture and reduce the chance for degenerative change in the spine.

What Is the Most Important Thing To Do? :

Call and get an appointment with Dr. Timothy Harcourt sooner rather than later at (239) 278-3344.

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