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Dr. Harcourt was wonderful
I was in a car accident and came to Coast Chiropractic Centers for help. I had very bad pain in my lower back and my neck. I couldn’t sit in a car, carry my brief case for work or do any of my usual activities. My husband would have to carry my brief case upstairs and down stairs every day for me. My accident had prevented me from doing anything I could usually do for months. The staff at Coast Chiropractic Centers were excellent and I would absolutely recommend them. I had never received Chiropractic care before, so I have no one to compare with, but the care I received at Coast Chiropractic Centers from Dr. Harcourt was wonderful. I really liked everything about my care, especially the Doctor. He really took my well-being and recovery personally. He cares so much that you can feel it and know that it is not fake. He really cared about me and he went the extra mile for me when I needed him by scheduling me massages weekly in his office, and taking time to do rehab and therapy with me. Since getting care at CCC, I can now do most of my daily routine, and I am now able to get back to my life.