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High-Intensity Interval Training Benefits Shoulder Pain

Mar 23, 2022 -- Posted by : Dr.Harcourt

Ready to get rid of that shoulder pain?

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High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is considered 30-60 seconds of high-intensity output (such as mountain climbers or push-ups) followed by a very low-intensity exercise (like walking or slow pedaling) which allows your heart rate and breathing to recover before the next high-intensity segment. The link below is an article on the use of the Graston technique for increasing range of motion to the shoulder.


Chiropractor typically like combining manual therapy with exercise training when it comes to treating patients for shoulder pain. When restoring function after surgery or an injury, it’s common to have patients perform rehabilitative exercises. This treatment approach may include electric stimulation, ultrasound, laser, pulsed electromagnetic field, shockwave therapy, and more. While there are standard exercises for post shoulder injury/surgery, new studies recommend high-intensity interval training could be more effective.

If you have aches and pains, your chiropractor can also provide treatment to help restore normal joint function and show you stretches you can do at home before and after your workout to reduce the risk of injury.

So, if you are experiencing shoulder pain and you type in pain management near me or chiropractor near me, you will find that Coast Chiropractic Centers with Dr. Timothy Harcourt, me, comes up. 

You may wonder, “What is wrong with my shoulder and who in my area can help”? 

Do I have a muscle strain in the shoulder muscles? If it is a strained muscle, why is it getting worse instead of better? Perhaps, you have been taking chemicals and the pain persists as well? Do I have tendonitis?  Is it a rotator cuff tear or rotator cup problem? Pickle ball, golf, and tennis are common sports to cause shoulder pain. Some near you try shoulder workouts with the shoulder muscles to no avail. Persistent or worsening pain intensity and/or frequency necessitates a visit to see a professional around you before it becomes a frozen shoulder.

Check out what the experts say about chiropractic care for shoulder pain here:


Call me, Dr. Tim Harcourt, at Coast Chiropractic Centers at (239) 278-3344 and mention this article for an awesome discounted first visit to include history, exam, and adjustment or first Class IV high-intensity laser treatment. If you would like to avoid getting shoulder pain in the first place or to take a proactive approach to your health and wellness nearby, our membership program called Club C may be just the thing for you with great cost savings, convenience, and even more importantly, a plan to get your health back and keep it.

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Don't let shoulder pain stop you from enjoying the beautiful SWFL! Dr. Tim Harcourt is here to give you the relief you need.


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